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Practicing Courage, Rediscovering Wholeness

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Grace Horizon

Golf For Freedom 

We are hosting this year’s Golf for Freedom at the pristine Sagamore Club in Noblesville, IN, on Monday, August 12, 2024! Special thanks to University Dermatology Center, Church of God Ministries, and KSM, who are our event sponsors this year! 

Grace Horizon uses the proceeds from this tournament to pay for things that are not covered in our grants, which include things like: support services, emergency funding for participants that are not housing related, food and supplies for monthly community meetings, children’s dream fund, office rent, supplies, printing, and much more.


Grace Horizon is a community of survivors in Central Indiana supporting each other in the recovery from violence and exploitation, including human trafficking and sexual exploitation.

Four Turns Toward Grace
We are a community committed to a growth mindset, learning in each of these areas:

What We Specialize In

Support Group
Life Coaching
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Financial Coaching

Boundaries/ Self-Care

In its simplest form, this means having healthy relationships with self, God, neighbor, and others (community/world). “Self-care means we commit to taking an active role in safeguarding our mental and physical wellness, proactively and (especially) in times of duress. By definition, self-care means doing what is good for us—increasing our emotional and physical stamina, improving our self-esteem, and building resilience. Maintaining good self-care ensures that we stay compassionate, impassioned, and engaged. It means doing important work in one area without sacrificing other parts of our life.  “The Power of Sustainable Self-Care.”, 6 Oct. 2021,


The practice of stability requires that we continue to hold jobs or other stable sources of income not involved in exploitation. This practice also means having a safe, secure, clean place to live. In stability, we can be in healthy relationships that are not with an abusive partner. We start and continue with recovery. We set healthy, attainable financial goals and work to achieve financial independence.


The practice of generosity reveals what we value. We want to be people who can live sustainably. Grace Horizon believes we can be generous by giving through time, talent, or treasure or giving back to our community in some other meaningful way. We believe generosity is a discipline that forms us in joy and helps us to be committed to our community. 

Healthy Spirituality

We get our definition of healthy spirituality from Brené Brown, who says, “Spirituality is recognizing and celebrating that we are all inextricably connected to each other by a power greater than all of us and that our connection to that power and to one another is grounded in love and compassion. Practicing spirituality brings a sense of perspective, meaning, and purpose to our lives.” Brown, Brené.  “Defining Spirituality.”, 27 Mar. 2018,

Colleagues Working in Office
Job Coaching
Job Coaching
Support Group Meeting
Peer Recovery Coaching
Performance Meeting
Resource Support Coaching

Contact Us

Grace Horizon Office Location

802 East 5th Street
Suite 8
Anderson, IN 46012

Located in the Park Place Community Center


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